It was announced in November that the Toyota Georgetown, Kentucky plant had plans to activate a landfill gas generator. In doing this, the plant would be able to use methane from decaying garbage from a nearby dump to produce a megawatt of power each hour. The kind of electricity you see from this type of system will help to build 10,000 vehicles at the plant, per year.


Toyota plays with the idea years ago

Toyota talked with the landfill owner in 2010 about the possibility of using a methane-fueled generator. In 2014, their plan was officially announced, and construction began on the project. Once the gas stops burning, an underground line will take the electricity from the dump to the factory to help build Toyota hybrid models, such as the Camry and Avalon. The Toyota company has an overall plan of eliminating carbon dioxide emissions from all factories by the year 2050, and switching to hydrogen-based production. Toyota’s general manager for environment strategies, Kevin Butt, has stated the company’s intention of reducing their carbon footprint over the next 35 years. Toyota isn’t the only auto company utilizing methane from garbage dumps to power factories. BMW and General Motors both use a similar system at two of their plants, in different parts of the country.


Positive changes in the past month

Since announcing that the Georgetown plant would be using a landfill to help produce the electricity that can help build cars, the plant is doing well. They are getting about two percent of their power from a Central Kentucky landfill. The community has shared their appreciation for the plant and that they are turning garbage into something good. With so many in the town employed by this plant, it brings a large sense of pride especially to a community that has recently been struggling with employment rates. These large employment rates increase the amount of debt the citizens have to take on during these hard times in the form of car title loans. Mike Price, the Vice President of Administration for the Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky, could not contain his excitement for the plan. It is exciting because they are using methane that is no longer being released into the air, and is serving a better purpose. Over the year spent developing the project, the company spent $5 million to build transmission lines that carry electricity to the plant. Kevin Butt explained the process in that the lines go from one site, where it is being generated, all the way to the plant. David Hurley, an employee at the Georgetown plant said that at first, they had a lot of questions about how the partnership with the landfill was going to work. Hurley moved to Georgetown to begin his position with Toyota and respects the partnership the company made. It actually gives him a sense of pride because he is doing good for both the company he works for and his community.


Toyota is doing a great job at really seeing how car emission can negatively affect the environment. Methane is the second most prevalent greenhouse gas emitted in the United States, so to change the way methane is used is a huge stride forward. You can learn more about the Georgetown, Kentucky plant and how they are converting landfill methane into energy, by watching this video.


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Why is it significant for a business person to get daily SE Asia business news?

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Current economic scenario

Obstinacy is natural when more than one leader works together. Asia has also witnessed a contrary behavior in the Asian leadership. Recent economic crisis and terrorist activities across the globe made an adverse effect on Asian business leadership, yet recovery is irrefutable and many Asian countries have overcome from the clutch of hostile economic catastrophe. Countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and others have emerged with the fresh upsurge of economic resurgence.

Diversity yet unanimity is the core of SE Asian business circle

Asia can be generalized as a continent of great diversity, varying nationalities, biggest consumer hub, rapidly growing economies and brawling of business talent. Leadership issue is one of the biggest defies that has kept almost every HR wing of all Asian business organizations in a mayhem. Although, cultural agility and awareness towards the global business happening is the strength of Asian leadership, yet the difference in leadership style as per individual country definitely created chaos for multinational firms having the same HR policy in every country. Nevertheless, the emergences of young business leaders have resolved the issue to some extent and have shown their perfect competency towards global business.

Asian Business Leadership Forum in UAE

The forum that was held  on November 29 has witnessed the participation of many Asian countries. India had also volunteered and attended the forum with utmost zest. To bring the best business ingenuities and enterprises under single podium were the motive behind the forum that targeted the three major regions India, South-East Asia and Gulf countries.

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There has always seen a gap in Asian leadership, as Asian leaders does behave contrarily. The recent vast economies crisis did impact Asian Business Leadership as a whole. Recovery has been seen in some parts of Asia such as, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand. A new wave of economic revival is predicted through the tiger cubs of economies.

Generalizing Asia is easy relative to its widely varying nationalities, long distances and rapidly growing economies. It has also been seen on frequent basis that, many Asian organizations face the similar challenges in leadership.  HR department in every organization is struggling with leadership issues. Major question arises; is it necessary to occupy a particular leadership style in every country? Or leadership style must vary according to the thinking?  The answer is; yes, cultural agility and awareness is core in Asian business leadership.  Mostly, young leadership capability in Asia stands out to be more competent.

Moreover, the Asian Business Leadership (ABL) motivates friendly leadership style, supports and inputs each and every partner. The Energy and Infrastructure sectors are playing a vital role in engaging the development of education and healthcare in Asia. The new world revolution and emergence has encouraged Asian companies to contribute at much higher levels. Asia does hold a significant position in global economies, political and social criteria.

India volunteered it’s participate and attended the annual Asian Business Leadership Forum event in UAE. Such activity of India would be a beneficial source of conversation and trade collaboration in association with Asian business leadership. The event was held on November 29. The motive of this event was to bring together the best business initiatives and enterprises under a single roof. The event targeted the enterprises of three major Asian business leadership regions; India, Gulf and South-East Asia.

The business relationship between UAE and India formed a fine wave of friendship and a presentable right atmosphere to meet further challenges. Industries such as, Energy, Infrastructure, Healthcare, Education, Finance and Technology centralized India in the event.  The ABLF also conducts the Asia’s best business leadership awards followed by every year, to evaluate the role of players who stood out in rising Asia. The business leaders of entire Asia are always welcome to participate and accomplish the challenges in leadership from decades.